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Dear friend,

I’m participating in something unique and exciting! It is a Crash Course on Creativity by Tina Seelig, the Executive Director of Stanford Technology Ventures Program. She is a prestigious person with a vast experience teaching about creativity. The diversity of this course is amazing,  there are thousands of students from all over the world.

The structure of the course is pretty simple: Each Monday our teacher releases a new assignment. They are all directed to cultivating your creativity. So far we have completed one project, the second one is due next Monday. There will be a total 0f 6 projects in this course.

The first project was a book cover for your imaginary autobiography. Each student created a book cover and we also had to write a 200-word text talking about ourselves. The main idea with this assignment was to get to know each other.

mind map small

The second assignment involves creating a mind map. It is due next Monday but I completed mine yesterday (see the photos above). The assignment consists in taking a 30-minute-long walk somewhere, while paying attention to the surroundings. Then the students are expected to create a mind map based on our observations.

I invite you to participate in this course. If you cannot get fully involved with the assignments at this time, you can be there just as an observer. New editions of this course will come up in the future. I believe that you’re going to enjoy it and appreciate it. To sign up click on this button: Sign Up!

Some assignments are created in groups. I created a group called: Adventure time. Here is the description:

Adventure Time is about making the most out of this course. Let’s learn something new while collaborating and having fun. Go team!

If you do sign up, my name over there is Elsa Mora, you can find me over the students category. If you want to be part of my team as a member or as an observer, just contact me from the course page (there is a way to send communications from within the course) and send me your e-mail so I can add you to my group. Update: our team is closed now, but you can still observe our dynamic by signing up for the course.

Have a wonderful day!

Elsita 🙂

(Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions about this course if you need to)

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