Margaret Parish is a RISD graduate with a keen eye for the subtle and those natural processes that involve decay, transformation, and surprise. A hunter and collector of uncommon objects affected by time and the elements, she creates intriguing sculptures, photographs, and installations by combining unexpected materials such as metal and plaster of Paris, potatoes, metal nails, etc. In her practice, the actions of seeing/noticing and making, are organically interconnected.

My partner at ArtYard, Jill Kearney, and I, discovered Margaret’s work at a group exhibition last year. We went to see the show a day after the opening and were excited to meet Margaret right then. She has the most enchanting personality. After talking with her for a few minutes, I felt as if I have known her forever.

She’s not only a fantastic artist but a walking artwork herself. He hair is continuously morphing into beautiful sculptural shapes. Margaret has been a true original since she was a little girl. I was lucky to meet one of her teachers at ArtYard, and she was delighted to see her old talented student’s art at our gallery. I can’t wait to see the things that she will create in the future.

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