” i first started chewing matches to help me quit smoking. every once in awhile the match chewing habit resurfaces, might be stress, don’t know. i put each chewed match back in the box and when the box is full, i add it to the stack. i now have 30 boxes each with 30 matches.”
“i’ve been trying to get to this for years… and it was pretty fun.1712 pink, 1731 green, 1758 yellow, 1788 red, 5964 white and 1821 orange. 14,774 sprinkles.”
“still collecting my name written by people i’ve never met. cut from my ebay packages, etc, i’m now at 77 of “my name written another 100 times by people i’ve never met.”
“i don’t really know “why”, but i do know “how many.” 390.5 goldfish…”
“this might look like a bunch of twisted wire i collected from construction sites… and that’s because it is. it’s all discarded binding wire used to strap things together like building materials and fences.”
“this is the 11 by 17-inch piece of paper that i just took out of my back pocket after carrying it around for 187 days.”
“this is all one hundred boxes before i put them together. they start at 3mm and increase in size 0.5mm at a time. i used 50lb drawing paper.”

Ken Nicol‘s brain is fascinating to me. He is is a Canadian artist represented by Olga Koper Gallery in Toronto. We were lucky to work with him at ArtYard in 2017, in an exhibition curated by Magda Gonzalez-Mora titled Ordinary Obsessions.

“Ken Nicol’s work is part savant and part madness; using everyday objects to the extreme, he creates work that boggles the imagination. […] He combines the obsessive talents of a collector, with a keen observational talent of seeing art in common things and daily life, and then is able to create the tools (his work) for us to see it too. Genuine, humble and moving.” –Todd Falkowsky’s 

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