One of the things that I enjoy about the farmhouse that we’re renting now is the old quilts that our landlord has collected over the years. Looking at them has inspired me to create my own.


I recently received a nice book that has everything I need for making creative quilts for the house that we just bought (pictures coming up tomorrow!). The book that I’m talking about is  Improvising Tradition by Alexandra Ledgerwood.


I like what the author wrote in the introduction:


That’s exactly the way I want to create my quilts. It is more fun when you have room for improvisation. Isn’t the pillow below beautiful? I love its simplicity and clean lines.


Alexandra’s book shows you how to build quilts on traditional techniques, incorporating elements of improvisation and identifying ways to personalize your work. Her step by step directions are very easy to understand. I appreciate that since I’ve never made a quilt before.


This book includes eighteen projects, such as coasters, a table runner, a bed set, and more. I can’t wait to start sewing and playing. But first I need to order the supplies. If you enjoy the idea of having freedom in the process of creating quilts, then you will love Alexandra’s book as much as I do. The book is available here and here you can visit the author’s blog to learn more about her.

Have a great day!

Elsita 🙂

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