I have fallen in love with a new tool:  the Akashiya Sai ThinLine Brush Pen (Exta fine). If the link shows you a sold out item, it means that I bought all of them in the sumi black color (forgive me, please!), there were only 9 left. They have other colors though, all dark (I bought them too). The sumi black will be back for sure. This professional-quality brush pen is ideal for achieving nice dynamic lines in your drawings. It is like painting with ink using a thin brush, the only difference is that you don’t have to deep the brush in ink because the brush is permanently loaded with the pigment. This allows you to focus on the drawing completely and it saves you time. Also, you can take this tool wherever you go without the need of carrying water to clean the brush. It is as simple as carrying a pen. I have used other brush-pens in the past, but none of them was this high-quality. I am so excited! I can’t wait to keep playing with them. The Japanese company that produces theses treasures is working on adding new colors. This is  an award-winning product. I am so grateful that they created it!

Below you see a few illustrations that I created to test my new toy. I hope that you enjoy them 🙂


mushroom copy

cloud copy

fox copy

illustration copy


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