Brain betrayal  copy

↑Colored pencil drawing by me

The most tricky relationship ever is the one that we have with our own brain.  We have carried it around since we can remember,  we think that we know it well, but knowing your brain completely is nearly impossible. We read books about the brain, we hear about advanced experiments done with all kinds of brains to measure IQ, electric response to simuli…and even to figure out when it is lying. But that complicated organ is always ahead  of everything, including science. I read that some people’s brains have found ways to trick lying detector machines.

The brain has a life of its own.  Mine likes to jump out of  my head and walk away once in a while, as if I didn’t exist. Then I have to convince it to come back and be my friend again. But that’s what life is all about. No matter how complicated it is sometimes, we should never stop doing our best to get along with that tricky thing that lives inside our head, because nobody else can do it for us.

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