We’re so excited to be back in our home here in LA. But the truth is that we all fell in love with Hudson. You know that you have fallen in love with a person/place, or anything else, if you keep wanting to see that person/place of anything else, again. That’s how we feel about Hudson.

It reminds me of Bill and I. We met for the first time in Havana, Cuba, on Dec. 15 of 2000. We saw each other for a few hours only, then he left. But a couple of weeks later he came back because he (and I) knew that we were meant to be with each other forever. And here we are 14 years later, with 2 children and looking forward to the future.

That’s how we feel about Hudson. We want to continue our journey over there. It is a matter of time now. But we love our home in LA and all the memories connected to it. Those memories will stay with us wherever we go.  Today I want to share this place that we have called home for the last several years with you. Please come in for a little tour.

And Happy New Year again!

house front copy

house esquina copy

casa costado copy

casa corner copy

Living room 1 copy

Living room 2 copy





Dinning room 5 copy copy

Bedroom 3 copy




bathroom 1 copy

bathroom detail copy



mesa copy

Kitchen 5 copy

patio casa

patio casa 2

 fence copy

pared copy

patio 2 copy

patio chairs copy

back house copy



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