I took new pictures of my Frida Kahlo dollhouse for you 🙂

Dollhouses need a deep cleaning once in a while, just like regular houses.

I use canned air because it’s so practical.

When all the dust goes away everything look so nice 🙂

Here are the pictures for you:

F18 copy

F19 copy

F 1 copy

F2 copy

F3 copy

F4 copy

F5 copy

F6 copy

F7 copy

F8 copy

F9 copy

F10 copy

F11 copy

F12 copy

F13 copy

F14 copy

F15 copy

F16 copy

F17 copy

 I made this house for my daughter Natalie many years ago.

The house itself comes from an unfinished wooden kit that I purchased called:

 The Sugarplum Cottage Dollhouse, by Greenleaf 

 I made some changes to the original kit.

Then, many of the objects in the house I made from different materials.

The rest of them are little treasures that I collected from here and there.

When we have visitors in our home, specially kids, this dollhouse

comes to life because they love to play with it.

Dollhouses are lots of fun for kids and adults 🙂

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