Today I’m excited to share something special with you. It is a team project that we did for our course on creativity. This assignment was based on the principle of reframing problems. A great exercise for looking at things with a new set of eyes. The challenge was to work with chewing gum. We were asked to add value to chewing gum by doing something as creative as possible with it. Then we had to submit a short video (1 minute os less) with a presentation.

Below is our submission. I hope that you enjoy it!



gum project

Diego with plane copy

Diego faces several challenges in his daily life, but there is something that makes of him one of the happiest children on planet Earth: his wild imagination and creativity. After lots of really hard work coming up with ideas (we had several good ones) our team decided to materialize Diego’s vision; a gum that becomes an eraser after you chew it. Our project is a statement, something to remember that people with special needs should also be heard. There are important things that they can do for society. It took Diego about a second to come up with the chewing gum-eraser idea. A creative solution to re-use gum instead of discarding it.

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