Dear friends and family,

Here is a short post to give you some updates about our maple syrup farmhouse.


We started the construction of my provisional studio on the second floor and things are going as planned. Our contractor (Hugh) and his crew, are working really hard. Besides building the studio, we’re also removing a small window from the master bedroom so we can replace it by a large panoramic one. There is a beautiful view from that side of the house that we want to enjoy from that window.

progress 3

Building that new room on the second floor is changing the whole look of the house. Originally, it looked as if it had a flat “hair style.”


But the top of the house “head” is now starting to look better with the added volume. Things will still change a lot when the roof is placed, but here I just wanted to give you an advance.


The view from that studio is going to be great! We’re placing windows on every wall so I can get as much light as possible.


Here are Jamie and Matt, 2 member of the crew. The rest of the workers were not there when I took these pictures. I’m loving them all. They are young, strong, hard workers, and have a wonderful sense of humor. As a bonus, they all have great musical taste which is something that I appreciate.

otro lado

Something interesting related to the construction is that an owl from the area came to inspect the construction site. One morning when I arrived the workers were excited to show me the big bird. He was on a big tree super relaxed, as if he owned the territory. I suspect that he holds an important position in the animal kingdom around here. According to his body language I would say that he was pleased with the construction and the people involved in it. I haven’t seen him again but maybe he will be back for a final look when the work is done.

Talking about owls, here here is a free printable image of one ↓


I will keep you updated on the progress.

Have a great day!


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