I am in love with this exquisite cabinet embroidered in the stumpwork technique.

“Raised work, or stumpwork as it is sometimes called, developed in England during the early seventeenth century, and was characterized by its high relief. The technique was used to create pictures and to decorate objects such as storage boxes for jewelry and writing supplies, baskets, and mirror frames. This box is typical of raised-work pieces in that it employs a variety of stitches and includes the use of metal thread and other materials, in addition to colored silks. The faces of the five women representing the Senses are drawn in ink on satin, and the figure of Sight holds a mirror made of mica that reflects her face. Other unexpected materials were frequently used to highlight details: real hair for a figure’s head, tiny seed pearls for a necklace, and glass beads for animal eyes.” From the Metropolitan Museum of Art website.

Photos ©  Metropolitan Museum of Art 

box 1

box 7

box 5

box 4

box 3

box 2

box 6


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