Last week I learned about David Esterly‘s work thanks to my friend Gina Purlia.

“Esterly is internationally regarded as the most accomplished practitioner of the “subtractive art” of limewood carving since Gibbons. Indeed, Esterly is something of an anachronism: he has devoted most of his adult life (“I work seven days a week, after dinner, all the time”) to chiseling soft, malleable limewood, a particularly receptive medium for these delicate renderings. Many of his pieces take a year or even two to complete: such carvings are a painstaking art that calls on skills cultivated over decades.” – Harvard Magazine.

I recommend reading the entire article here, it is fascinating. The last sentence says something that I couldn’t agree more with: Inspiration comes in the business of making.”

All images © David Esterly ↓

David Esterly 7

David Esterly 6

David Esterly 1

David Esterly 2



David Esterly has written a book that you can purchase on Amazon by clicking on the photo below:


I hope that this post inspires you to create something special this week.

Have a wonderful day!


(Thanks again, Gina!)

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