Please play the video to listen to Spanish Harlem in the voice of  Rebecca Pidgeon. This music inspired me to create the post below.



In the first piece the woman’s tears become a dress that covers and protects her body. This is a visual representation of how difficulties have the potential to turn into something beneficial. This does not deny the pain.  It is an invitation to  filter the pain through the lens of creative thinking, and in the process find new ways to deal with it.  Thus, creativity gives us the power  to transform reality. Henry Rollins says: “Pain is personal. It really belongs to the one feeling it. Probably the only thing that is your own.”  I have observed that a person who owns and acknowledges pain has a better chance to overcome it.


Thinking creatively is an art that involves opening up your mind to new interpretations of experience.   It begins with deliberate intention. Life gives us endless opportunities to think creatively. Everyday we have the option to see problems in a way that will enhance,  not cripple,  our lives. Practicing intention will make a difference in your personal life as well as on your art.


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