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“It all happened by accident. Two children had entered the gallery where she was exhibiting ‘Multiple Hammock No. 1’ and, blissfully unaware of the usual polite protocols that govern the display of fine art, asked to use it. She watched nervously as they climbed into the structure, but then was thrilled to find that the work suddenly came alive in ways she had never really anticipated. She noticed that the fabric took on new life – swinging and stretching with the weight of the small bodies, forming pouches and other unexpected transformations, and above all there were the sounds of the undisguised delight of children exploring a new play space.”

What started as an accident is now an experiment that brings joy to children in different parts of the world. Toshiko Horiuchi uses strong synthetic yarn to build these whimsical playgrounds. She orders the material in gigantic quantities.

This is a living example of what children can inspire with their wiliness to explore the world beyond  rules. And it is also a great example of how your work could evolve by staying in an open-minded mode. Toshiko Horiuchi’s flexible mind allowed her to see new expressive possibilities in the unexpected.

Learn  more about Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam HERE.


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