I love animal, all animals, even the weird-looking bugs and creatures from the sea, but birds have always been number 1 on my list. Here is this post filled with birds that I drew for you. They make me happy. Many birds come to my backyard every day. They love my 92-year-old neighbor Sally. She religiously feeds them every morning. Birds are smart, they arrive early and wait for Sally to show up with her basket of food. I have never fed them, because that is one of Sally’s favorite activities every day. She is the bird queen around here. She also feeds the cats from the neighborhood. Sally wants the cats and the birds to get along, but that’s another story. A third story si how last year a couple of possums tried to pretend that they were birds, so they could take part in Sally’s morning breakfast routine. That didn’t end up well. But back to our theme today, I hope that you enjoy these birdies. Feel free to use them as patterns for your personal projects (embroidery would be nice). Please send me pictures if you ever do anything with these birds, I would love to see them!

© Elsa Mora↓


1 copy 2 copy 3 copy 4 copy 5 copy 6 copy 7 copy 8 copy 9 copy birds 2

© Elsa Mora

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