Today I want to share these beautiful African baskets with you. Take a look at the amazing detail. They all come from Africa Direct, which is owned by Elizabeth Bennett and Sara Luther. They have a fascinating story that you can read below.

basket 4

“African art, trade beads and ethnic jewelry are both business and passion for Sara and me. We started buying African art twenty years ago as gifts for our children, four of whom are adopted and are African-American.” basket 5

“We had been active in anti-apartheid politics for some time. In 1994, when Mandela was elected, we took the three still-at-home kids out of school and moved to southern Africa for eight months.” basket 6

“We bought a used food panel van, converted it into a camper and traveled fifteen thousand miles through South Africa, Lesotho, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Swaziland.”basket 7

“We weren’t consciously beginning a business…but we noticed we were buying more than we could keep, give away, or sell at garage sales. In the beginning, we did shows and held open houses. Now eBay, Etsy and our website,, are the primary ways we sell.” basket 8 basket 9 basket 10 basket 11 bsket 8 flat basket 2 flat basket

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