© Elsa Mora. Ink on paper.

 Creativity happens by association, by connecting dots. The more dots we gather the more connections we can make so the more material for expression we have at hand.


tree collection


One way to gather dots is by becoming a visual hunter through photography. Armed with any kind of camera you can take visual notes of your surroundings and use them as windows for later explorations. There is always something interesting to discover wherever you are. For instance, now, look around and try to see something interesting. It could be anything.


light collection


Keeping an alert eye on our surroundings could be a stimulating experience. The arsenal of visual clues around us is infinite and  available to all, always. If you think that this is impossible, just look, with intention, and interesting things will start appearing  before your eyes. Becoming a skilled visual hunter takes time, but if you keep practicing, it will eventually become second nature.


building collection


But the best part is that by training your eye to see more, you’re also training your brain to stay sharper. And a sharp brain is good for your creativity as well as for your health.


I took the photos above with  the camera that comes with my iPad. Then I edited them using an app called Snapseed  and I made the collages with another app called  FrameMagic. These two apps are my favorite because they are easy to use.


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