The other night Diego informed Natalie and I that he was building a secret car for his Dad. The name: AUDIUM 4.5


This was the description:

*It is the size of  a house

*It runs with water instead of gazoline

*The water tank is on the front

*It drives itself with a board called “microsoft thing” (just press a button and say where you want to go)

*It has a bathtub on the top as well as a bed

*Inside, there will be a small fridge, a gold chair, a plasma tv with diamonds all over the frame and a racoon rug

*It has a single window and a pair of wings

*When the car moves, bubbles come out of a tube


I got so excited about this project that I decided to illustrate it. Diego is pleased with the illustration. Natalie asked about how he was going to build it, with what money. Diego said that it was going to cost a lot of money, in his words: “like two hundred pennies of something like that”.

Isn’t this a fine car?  I cannot wait to see what’s coming next!

camion 960


detail 1

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