Interweave launches Artists & Makers! The magazine for the new artisan economy.

A couple of week ago I had the pleasure to read Artists & Makers, and I loved it. Artists & Makers is a new publication offering a lively, smart, and contemporary take on the business side of art and making. Created for hobbyists and professionals, the magazine gives you clear, up-to-date information on selling, social media, finance, and studio design, and inspires you with upbeat profiles of top artists, designers, and makers. Below is the cover of their very first issue.

In this debut Winter 2015 issue, you will find encouragement and inspiration in in-depth features on established artists and makers. They share their successes, challenges, and best business advice.


I loved reading the inspiring story of Kevin Bradley from churchoftype.com, one of America’s most prolific letterpress printmakers. He’s the artist on the cover of the magazine. Here is his shop. Kevin moved from Tennessee to California where he now has an open letterpress studio. You can visit his studio located in 3215 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA Hours: 10–6, Monday–Saturday, 12–5, Sunday.

I also loved Chelsea Miller‘s feature. She makes some of the most beautiful knives that I have ever seen, one by one, by hand.  Each knife is like a sculpture and it takes hours of hard work to complete. I have to have one for my new kitchen. Don’t miss Chelsea’s  about page. I loved the video.


I could keep talking about all the things that I read in Artists & Makers, but they’re too many. I definitely recommend the magazine to you, not only because of the inspiring artist’s features, but because of the great advices about how to start and manage your creative business. You can order a print of the magazine or the digital version of it here. A printed copy would make a nice gift for someone who has, or is planning to start a business in the creative world.


Elsita 🙂

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