Today I’m excited to share the wonderful words ART created by  Dace Jurcena for The Art is a Way Project.


Dace is a super creative Mom from Latvia. She lives away from the city with her precious family (see her 2 boys in the photo above, aren’t they adorable?!!)


Dace decided to leave her job of 10 years right after having her first baby. So her current job is one of the hardest but most rewarding ones on planet Earth: Stay-at-home-Mom-raising-small-children. I give her a gold medal for being a master at integrating creativity into her daily life.

1 ART word friends (leaves) small

In Dace’s words: “Creativity is something I learn from my two sons. My 5-year-old could teach anyone how to use a simple cardboard box in 17 ways. My 2.5 year old on the other hand can turn any object into a microphone while singing We Will Rock You, on top of a table. I think that many women become more creative after having children, because children help you start seeing everything differently.”


Dace enjoys all kinds of crafts, especially needlework. Her recent hobby is machine knitting. She also loves gardening, cooking and theater. But the truth is that her flexible mind is open to anything. I admire how she immediately got  the point of  The Art is a Way Project.

ART word friends (snow) small

Dace is currently reading a book about one of the greatest Latvian painters of 19th century: Janis Rozentals. She sent me a quote by this remarkable artist that I love: “the one and only real knowledge in art is the ability to see.


Rozentals’ quote left me thinking. I believe that he was right. Being able to see the expressive potential of everything around you is what makes a difference in a creative person’s life. It is not about how much you have to look at, but about how much you can see even in the small things. Dace is a good example of someone who can see beyond the surface.

ART word friends (chain) small

I hope that you enjoyed this post as much as I did. I also hope that it inspires you to come out with your own unique word (s) ART. I cannot wait to see them!

Thanks a lot, Dace,  for sharing your creations with us. And now let’s all have a great day!

Elsita 🙂


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