” There’s no retirement for an artist, it’s a way of living so there’s no end to it.” –Henry Moore


We don’t actually have to  produce artwork to be an artist. Art is a way of living. Creativity is a way of expressing our unique nature in everything we do.  This means seeing beyond our eyes as we look for and discover the essence of everything that we encounter. The creative mind is always alert and ready to find meaning in the ordinary. A creative person is constantly making unexpected connections.

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↑ © Elsa Mora 

There was a woman who had been depressed for years. She felt extremely guilty over the death of her nephew. They were on the top of a tall mountain. She asked her 20-year-old nephew not to walk too close to the edge of the cliff, but he wouldn’t listen.  The young man had a fatal accident: he fell from the cliff and died.  Even several years later, his aunt wasn’t able to recover from the trauma.   Then, one day someone suggested that she think about the accident in a totally different way: “think about your nephew as a leaf falling from a tree. Humans are like leaves after all, we all fall from the tree sooner or later. Your nephew is now part of nature.”  That opened a unnexpected door for the woman. It was the end of her depression and the beginning of a more enlightened approach to life.  (This is a true story).


Creativity is the power of re-inventing reality with the use of imagination. This is how artists create their unique worlds. You can do this everyday. You can allow your imagination to exercise its power by expanding your vision.  Instead of sticking to the established way, come out with your own terms, your own ideas, and life will become a lot more interesting.



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