I love Arne Quinze‘s work and I also admire his personal story. Wouldn’t you like to experience one of these installations in person?

“The 41-year-old artist has carved out a unique place for himself with his dazzling installations, which straddle the worlds of design, art and architecture… This is astonishing given that Quinze is a self- taught artist who, at the age of 15, was living on the streets of Brussels. As a young graffiti artist in the ’80s, using his environment as inspiration enabled him to work on a large scale and share his work with countless passers-by. “I really liked to share what I did in the subway or the train station. This was an important facet of the work for me,” he explains. “I liked that you could give something back to the community and share your art piece.”- From Post-ism

You can visit Quinze’s blog to learn about his latest projects and like his Facebook page for updates.

 All images  ©Arne Quinze ↓





closeup.cityscape.by.Arne.Quinze (5)


closeup.cityscape.by.Arne.Quinze (8)

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