Sometimes it is hard for Autistic kids to go to the movie theater. The loud sound is almost impossible for them to tolerate. But we bought Diego a pair of super duper headphones a few years ago, so he can finally enjoy movies on the big screen. There is nothing that Diego enjoys more than movies. Sometimes he loves them so much that it becomes overwhelming. Diego had been anticipating  The Croods for a long time. He knew the name of the director, the cast… he watched the trailer hundreds of times, but when we got to the theater to finally see the movie, he backed up. His heart was about to jump out of his chest, he couldn’t deal with the excitement.  So I went into the theater with our daughter Natalie to watch the movie, while Diego and his Dad stayed outside. They went for a walk to kill time. A half hour before the movie was finished, Diego and his Dad came back to the lobby of the theater to wait for my daughter and I. And that’s when the magic happened.

Diego started telling an old lady that was waiting as well, a story that according to him, was all true. Bill said that the lady was very nice, she followed Diego’s story with great attention and interest. When Natalie and I came out from the movie he was telling the last details of the story to the lady, then we all left. Once we got home, I asked Diego to tell Natalie and I the story, which included him missing his left arm. Natalie had no idea that his brother had lost his left arm once. Today I want to share Diego’s story with you through some simple drawings that I did and almost the exact same language that Diego used.  I hope that you enjoy it!! If you want to leave any comments or questions for Diego, please do it. He will read them all. Enjoy!


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d2 copy

d3 copy

d4 copy

d5 copy

d6 copy

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d8 copy

d9 copy

d10 copy

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Diego's portrait


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