The other day I got a special gift in the mail. It was the bird that you see below, made by Melissa Kojima. I animated it so you could see how it works. This bird is a card that comes with a little pocket on the front. Inside the pocket there is an egg that opens up like a miniature book.

I love the playfulness of everything that Melissa creates. I also love how resourceful she is. This bird is made of cutout pieces of recycled paper from magazines and other sources. Here is Melissa’s website to see more of her work:



 I found these brooches on her Etsy shop ↓


I also found paper dolls ↓






But what really made me smile are Melissa’s famous artists paper doll series ↓

Do you recognize them? 🙂


georgia Andy
Pablo van g


Melissa is currently having a giveaway on her blog. Click HERE  if you want to take part. 

card 2

After writing this post I feel like playing with paper. I hope that you feel inspired too 🙂  For some instant gratification click HERE and download the free digital files of the paper dolls below. You will find other goodies over there as well.




Have a great day!


(Thanks again, Melissa! Your bird card and the thoughtful tiny letter have a special place in my studio)


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