1. Make lists ( The Power of Making a List )
2. Carry a Notebook everywhere ( Why you Should Always Carry a Notebook )
3. Try free writing ( The Benefits of Free Writing )
4. Get away from the computer (How to Step Away from your Computer )
5. Quit beating yourself up ( Don’t Beat up Yourself. Why? )
6. Take breaks (To Stay on Schedule, Take a Break )
7. Sing in the shower (The Health Benefits of singing )
8. Drink coffee (The Pros and Cons of Coffee Drinking)
9. Listen to new music (The Amazing Health Benefits of Listening to Music )
10. Be open (7 Benefits of Being Open-Minded)
11. Surround yourself with creative people (Surround Yourself with Creative People )
12. Get feedback (Why Feedback is Important)
13. Collaborate (Why collaborate? )
14. Don’t give up (Don’t Give up! Encouraging Quotes )
15. Practice (Practice. Learning Method )
16. Allow yourself to make mistakes (Why Letting Yourself Make Mistakes Means Making Fewer of Them )
17. Go somewhere new (The Benefits of Traveling )
18. Count your blessings (How to Count your Blessings)
19. Get lots of rest (The Lost Practice of Resting One Day Each Week)
20. Take risks (Are You taking Risks with your Art? )
21. Break the rules (Break the Rules for Success)
22. Don’t force it (Take it Easy, Let Creativity Come to You)
23. Read a page of the dictionary (Word of the Day)
24. Create a framework (Definition of Framework )
25. Stop trying to be someone else’s perfect (Don’t Try to be Perfect Just be You )
26. Got an idea write it down (Got an Idea, Write it Down )
27. Clean your workspace (Keeping your Workplace Clean and Organized )
28. Have fun (How to Have Fun)
29. Finish something (How to Finish What You Start )




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