Shoes can also be a source of inspiration! When I saw these sandals that Bill got for me something happened in my brain and here is the story: Many months ago I got some wonderful pieces of paper at schoollocker with the most amazing colors and I stored them in my studio waiting for my muses to come down and tell me what to do with them. When I looked at my sandals for the first time the colors penetrated in my brain through my eyes, speeded around the frontal lobe in circles, bounced on top of my sensory motor area making me smile and then ended up in a corner of the parietal lobe where a little pile of colored papers was resting blowing them away in the air and making me go like: Hey! Wait a minute! Why don’t I make a paper sculpture with those papers that I got some time ago? And before I finished the word ago I was already cutting the papers and putting them together in my studio. That’s when Bill called me from the house: ELSA, COME DOWN, WE HAVE TO GO! We were ready to go out so I had to leave my little project but I finished it later and here I can finally show it to you.

In this scene there is a girl, a bird, a snake and some flowers involved. The girl’s name is Elsita 😮 and she is trying to fly away to her imaginary world but the snake tries to keep her from doing so. The snake represents all the obstacles that she finds when she needs to express herself creatively (lack of time, being too tired, so many responsabilities etc) . I wish that I could animate this scene so you could see how in the end Elsita wins the battle. She is tired by happy! 🙂

Creativity is a daily battle for me but a good one, the kind of battle that helps me become a “war” expert. I have to come out with my own plans and strategies about how to use my time wisely and about how to use all my creative weapons in the best way possible. My battle is against the part of me that says you CANNOT do it. In the end anytime when I prove myself that I CAN do it I feel like I have conquered another little piece of that imaginary territory in my mind that has to do with feeding and keeping my imagination alive no matter what. Life is always hard, but life without creativity is hard AND sad too. And I don’t want to be sad. I want to be happy!!!!



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