Dear friend,

I have enjoyed building my new blog about papercutting so much. It has been lots of work and lots of learning. But there is nothing more exciting than learning and building new things. If everything goes as planned, you will finally see the blog next week. I cannot wait!

Below are some of the pieces that you will find on the store associated to the new blog.

Engagement Ring ↓


Building the new shop was as demanding as building the blog. The entire process took me about a year. But it was a great school as well. I decided to go with Shopify. The feedback that I can give you so far is very positive. But only time will tell me how things will work. I want to experience it for a year and see how I like it.

Birdwatching ↓


For the blog I used WordPress, the same platform that I use for Art is a Way. I am in love with WordPress and its community of creative people. The new blog has the same structure as this one because it is easy to navigate and clean. Regarding the banner, I created several, but I think that you will like the one that made it to the end.

Fisherbird ↓


I thought about starting a new Facebook page for the new blog, but instead of doing so, I will use the Facebook page that I already have. It is easier to keep everything concentrated in one place.

Treasure Chest Home ↓


Yay! Now back to work!

Thoughts ↓


 I hope that you have a wonderful day!

Elsita 🙂


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