Dear friend,

I’m excited to tell you that four of my papercuts appear in the latest edition of  Real Simple. Back in May, talented Alex Mooney (Senior Designer at Real Simple and a wonderful person) commissioned me to create some pieces for an article about family roots by Sarah Engler. Working with Alex was such a great experience. She knows how to get things right because she’s an artist herself. Check out her website to see it with your own eyes. Her work has won SPD, AI-AP, and ADC awards.

Real Simple at ArtisaWay.comThe love and attention to detail that goes into the making of this magazine is inspiring. It is also tons of work for someone like Alex, who has to consistently keep up a great communication with different artists. But that is why Real Simple has so many loyal fans everywhere. Behind anything good there are unique people giving their best.

Papercut for Real Simple magazine by Elsa Mora copy

I want to thank Sarah Engler for her article. She inspired me to do something that I never thought about before: starting my family tree. I will blog about that in the future when I have more elements. It has been fascinating so far. And I want to thank Alex for inviting me to be part of Real Simple in this way. I feel honored. Thanks, Alex, for the thoughtful note that arrived with the copies of the magazine! It is remarkable how, with so much on your plate, you still find the time to write a thank you card. That was touching and appreciated. 🙂

And  here are the papercuts for you. (The background colors in these pictures are not the same as the ones in the magazine). ↓

Elsa Mora for Real Simple 1

Elsa Mora for Real Simple 2

Elsa Mora for Real Simple 3

Elsa Mora for Real Simple

I wish you a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!



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