The other day, while visiting the art  store, a piece of beautiful marbled paper caught me attention. I spent a few minutes studying the mesmerizing patterns. Then my brain started getting excited and in a”loud” voice it said: HOW ABOUT CREATING A SIMILAR EFFECT USING CUT PAPER??!! OK, I responded, but first you need to calm down and focus on what we came here for, let’s talk about that when we get home. That’s exactly what my brain and I did. Once in my studio, we spent hours working on our experiment. I felt like Einstein. It was extremely exciting seeing a bunch of cut  paper turn into something so psychedelic.


marble paper ultimo small

p2. copy

↑This is the piece that I created with the basic pattern. It took forever to carefully cut each layer with scissors.

p3 copy

p4 copy


↑ After the basic piece with the layers was finished, I scanned it at high-resolution to generate the rectangle above. Then, I digitally arranged this rectangle to form the first image that you saw on this post. From that image I digitally cut the pieces below, just for fun.

art marble paper small

marble alphabet 1 small

black small

As you can see, the possibilities of paper are unlimited. I hope that you had fun reading and seeing this post. And I promise to keep sharing my experiments with you.

Please come back tomorrow, I will be hosting a craft book giveaway!




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