I want to end the week with this papercut titled: The Scape of a Secret Idea.

El Escape 500

When I make a piece like this, I normally leave the pencil marks on the back, but this time I decided to leave them on the front. I think that they make the work look more human.


El Escape small


El Escape detail 1


Looking at the closeups, I enjoy how the cuts say a slightly different story than the pencil lines. Just like in life, you have a general idea of what you want, but as soon as you put it in practice, it never comes out with mathematical precision.


El Escape detail 2


So, the “secret” message that this piece wants to communicate is: Run away from perfection if you want to move in the direction of  progress.


El Escape detail 3


February has been an intense month for me over here. I had to deal with different family related  issues and work. But everything is OK, mainly because I kept in mind that imperfection is an organic part of life. I believe that life is all about doing whatever feels right at any given moment (that applies to papercutting as well). By doing this, step by step, we’re more likely  to accomplish something good. I am excited to keep on moving and to see what’s next.

Looking forward to the weekend!

Elsita 🙂




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