Happy Monday!

Today I want to share this watercolor inspired by the quote below.

“Only in art will the lion lie down with the lamb, and the rose grow without thorn”.Martin Amis

Yes, because anything is possible in art 🙂

I painted this watercolor in 3 layers. First the dark blue background, second the foliage, and third the figures on the front of the scene. After the 3 layers were colored, I came back with a long brush and applied thin lines and strokes all over the place to create the illusion of texture. I think that the final effect is interesting. If you want to try this, I recommend to use a watercolor paper that doesn’t have a lot of texture.  To make a test just paint a circle, let it dry, and then paint some thin lines on it. You will see how nice it looks. It is fun, you should try it!

But before I leave, let me tell you that Geninne is my watercolor muse. You should look at her videos to get watercolor-inspired. Un abrazo grande para ti, Geninne!


Watercolor by Elsa Mora

Watercolor by Elsa Mora (detail)

Watercolor by Elsa Mora (detail 3)

Watercolor by Elsa Mora (detail 2)

Watercolor by Elsa Mora (detail 1)

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