Dear friend:
Today I am extremely honored to introduce someone very special to you…but let me start the story from the beginning:

Not so long ago I ended up at some Etsy shop that was new to me. As soon as I saw the pictures in it my heart had a little inusual palpitation as it happens when you discover something different. I immediately got the little bug or curiosity so I started exploring and reading everything. The store had 5 paintings for sell at the time. It didn’t take me more than a few seconds to decide what I did next: I bought all the 5 listed pieces! I just had to do it and the reason why I did it has a name: Arthur Simo.

Who is Arthur Simo? Arthur Simo is a teenager who will turn 16 in July 22 and he is Autistic just like my son Diego. To me he is one of the most authentic folk, or naive Artists that I have ever seen, he taught himself how to paint and discovering his art is something that I am so grateful about. Reading the explanations about his paintings made me fall in love with his extraordinary imaginary world.

Now let’s take a look at some of his creations. You will also see the explanations of his paintings in his own words. He explains the meanings of his paintings to his Mom and she writes down the words exactly as he says them.

This painting is about an ant and her baby were walking in the woods looking for the witch doctor to get some medication for her daughter that is sick. She drank dirty water and probably her tummy is hurting. On the way to the witch doctor a giant bee attacked her and pick her up by the shoulders and put them inside a bee hive. They are in trouble, who will save them.

This painting is about lots of statues protecting a city. This is the most powerful city because nobody is able to get close to the statues. Besides of surrounding the entire city, they all are stock with arrows. They will never run out of them, making the city very powerful. The entire army will shoot lots of arrows up on top of the statues and they will have the best strategy to get the victory.

This painting is about the only carousel that will let you flight a car. People are coming from everywhere in big lines, they want the ultimate ride, it feels free flying up the sky. Unless you try it, you will never know how it feels like crusing on a car up the sky.

This painting is about an old and unusual fish, scape from the deep ocean floor, a crack was done after an opening on the underground volcano. After reaching the surface, the light damage his skin giving him pain, so he went down deep. All other fishes around him wondering on this strange visitor, but suddenly he encounter a huge fish, he was going into his territory and he was getting ready to fight.

This painting is about Earth falling apart and from now on different Earth pieces will be on space and each one will be a different planet. It happens when lots of meteorites blew up the moon and those moon pieces stroke Earth. It was a big hit and Earth end up in pieces.


Here you can see a little video of Arthur introducing himself and showing one of his paintings dedicated to Shakira, he loves her.

And this is another little video where Arthur is explaining one of his paintings.

I can’t even tell you how proud I am to be a collector of Arthur Simo’s art. So far I own 16 of his paintings and having them in our home is a daily source of inspiration as an Artist and as the Mother of a wonderful Autistic child. Now Arthur’s Mom is my cibernetic friend and it turns out that she is Cuban just like me, WHAT A COINCIDENCE! So Arthur is is bilingual. Arthur gives me so much hope about Diego’s future. One day when I visit my Mom in Florida I want Diego and Arthur to meet in person, I can’t wait to tell him what a wonderful Artist I think he is!

And if you want to leave a comment for Arthur here, I encourage you to do it since he will be able to read them!

Elsita 🙂


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