Santiago Salvador is  an artist from Chile. There isn’t much information about him available, but I love his paintings! (Hola Santiago!). I discovered his Flickr portfolio and I fell in love with it.

Santiago’s paintings talk to me about human connection, which I have always considered the most important thing in life. Today I look at these paintings and they have an extra special meaning, because it is Thanksgiving Day.

Photos © Santiago Salvador ↓


On this special day it is important to take a moment to thank everyone who has done something good for us.


As Herman Melville said: “We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men.”


Today I want to say THANK YOU for staying connected with me through Art is a Way. I built this place to nurture human connection through art and creativity, because art itself means nothing without the people who inspire it, who create it, who enjoy it, and who find value in it.


I am excited to continue sharing my modest grain of sand with you through this blog.


Thanks a lot again for being there and I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Much love to you and yours!


Elsita 🙂



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