After reading the number 1 book on organization (highly recommended!), I decided that every single thing in our new house will have a designated place. Not just any place, but one that makes life easier on the daily basis. To accomplish this, I’m building some special boxes to contain things. This box in particular is for my skin products and it will be located in my bathroom, on a nice piece of furniture with a marble top.

Box small

I can’t wait for you (and me!) to see this box in its final destination. We’re getting ready for our move on March 1st. Time is flying fast and the construction is going as planned. Our contractor and his crew of brave men have been working really hard regardless of the weather. If I had to rate them in stars I would give them 100 stars! That’s how amazing they have been.

box 1 small

To make this box I first built the “bones” using acid-free foam board. I glued the pieces together using this acid-free glue. Then I covered the box with professional quality paper by gluing the paper to the surface of the box using this same glue. Then, to seal the paper and give the whole box strength I applied a layer of  acrylic matte varnish on it, inside and outside. After the box dried I painted strange things on it with acrylic paint. To finish the piece I applied 3 layers of the matte varnish inside and outside. And then I had a snack and drank some tea while attempting to do a psychoanalysis of what I had just painted. Read on to find out what it came to mind:

Box 2 small

↑ A bird and a woman having a conversation about a certain hair style from another planet. The bird is agitated because the woman is distracted looking at the tree behind him. The woman wonders what kind of fruit that tree offers. In the meantime a rare animal shows up with something growing on his head. Perhaps he ate the forgiven fruits from the tree. The animal’s tail starts growing at an alarming fast rate↓

Box 3 small

The tail then turns into a second woman. Before the face of this woman is totally formed she asks two birds from the area if they could lend her a mirror. They say OK, but first let us know what you think about our out-of-this-world hair style. She says: it is elegant. The birds hand the mirror to her.  She finally sees herself and says: I must run! So she runs and runs without any specific destination in mind↓

Box 4 small

She makes a stop in the desert and sees some nice succulents that are striving in the dry soil. So she remembers what her friend Kirsten told her once; that whenever you see a little bit of life in the desert you should think about how much work it took. The woman then decides to stop running so she lays down to take a nap↓

Box 5 small

But then her body starts ascending like a balloon. Now that the woman is up there,  she decides to spend the rest of her life as a cloud up in the sky. She learns how to turn into different shapes and how to make rain and other atmospheric wonders. People look at her from planet Earth and wonder what she is going to turn into next↓

Box 6 small

Then she wakes up and realizes that it was all a dream about change and about embracing the unknown 🙂 The End.

Box 7 small

Now back to reality, this is how my box looks inside. I built different rooms for my skin products to live in. They felt important when I measured their bodies. This is the first custom house that they ever had. It makes me excited to know that they will all live happily ever after in here, or at least happily ever until their expiration dates.

Box 8 small

I hope that you enjoyed my box.

Sending much love and have a wonderful day!


Facts about this box:

*The varnish makes it water-safe. It can be wiped with a damp rag.

* After all the layers of paper, paint and varnish, the surface is as hard as wood.

*If it falls down, it keeps the shape, (I dropped like 5 times by accident).

*I glued 6 little clear rubber feet to the bottom for protection.

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