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Here is a new piece that I wanted to share with you. It could be for the show in Miami, Florida or for another show that I have in Panama this year. I love this painting in person so much. The text inside the hand is in Spanish and it says:

“A la mano que se mantiene abierta por un largo periodo de tiempo empiezan a salirle plumas y luego se convierte en ala.”

Here is an attempt to translate this idea into English:

“A hand that is held open for a long period of time begins to sprout feathers and then it turns into a wing.”

Title: Mano Convirtiendose en Ala. (Hand Turning into a Wing)

Measurements: 10″ x 10″

Materials: Acrylic paint on wood.


(A mis amigos que leen Espanol, disculpen que no he usado acentos. Es que el typewriter desde donde escribo no los tiene :0)

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