I was so excited to discover the art of Laura Craig McNellis. Laura is Autistic like my son Diego, but she was born in 1957.


Back then Autistic people with low self-regulation skills were normally institutionalized. Fortunately, her family didn’t follow that path. They decided that learning at home presented a wider range of opportunities, both social and artistic. I congratulate them for such a wise decision.


Today Laura is a successful artist. You can read this article to learn more about her. 


These pieces created by Laura are painted paper cutouts from the series “Out of the Closet”. How much I would love to see them in person! I think that they are very clever.


Watch the video on the bottom of this post to see Laura in action. At the end of the video when she’s at the opening  of her art show, she does something that my son Diego does when he needs to self-regulate. It looks like a little dance.


I believe that art does wonders for everyone, but specially for people with special needs and learning disabilities. That is why we do everything for our son Diego to stay connected with the creative side of his brain. It has been wonderful for his development and self-esteem so far.


Photos © Laura Craig McNellis

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