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Here is my latest painting. The idea behind it comes from some sort of poem that has been in my mind lately. This painting is a visual representation of it.

I don’t know how to write a poem properly, so here is my attempt to describe it with words.

A minuscule woman swims in water. Water in the shape of a drop. This water that contains itself and the woman is so small that nobody notices. The woman starts drowning, not in the water, but in her own fear to become invisible. As a blue bird approaches, the woman starts singing a good bye song, a song that sounds like the wind. The bird sees the drop of water and drinks it quickly. The woman wakes up to realize that it was only a dream.

Something tells me that this has to do with my friend Debra‘s departure. Even though she’s not physically alive anymore, her spirit is vibrantly present in my heart.

Title: A Woman Hiding in a Drop of Water.

Measurements: 10″ x 10″

Materials: Acrylic paint on wood.

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