Valerie Hammond is the creator of these beautiful mixed media pieces. About her work, Maggie Wright says:

“Hammond’s delicate drawings stem from childhood memories of a beloved fairy-painting, an illustration of an old English nursery rhyme, “Death of Cock Robin.” While the poem, in which various birds prepare for the burial of a murdered friend, may have had larger political implications, Hammond links her drawings to personal themes of memory, youth and death, referencing, in particular, the loss of her mother. In the drawing, bats hover above flowers, birds mesh with butterflies. The natural world’s cyclical disintegration and re-growth suggests a kind of universal story-telling, the seasons providing beginning and end. Hammond’s glowing, red-orange ink is reminiscent of blood, the capillary-like stems and leaves reference the human body. Ethereal pencil lines counterbalance the red’s viscosity, evoking a place where the material and immaterial collide.”

Images © Valerie Hammond ↓

4. IMG_0740




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