Yay!!! Today I am back with a new drawing to give our imagination a little bit of a workout, so it doesn’t fall asleep 🙂

Root (small)

Root is the title of this piece and also the word that we could use as a starting point for our interpretations.

Root (detail)
I think that not only trees have roots…
Why don’t we try to get to the root of this drawing? 🙂
Would you share what you see in this picture with me?  I want to thank you so much in advance for taking the time to write down your ideas 🙂 They are very appreciated! 🙂
Have a great day my friend!
And a wonderful weekend!
Elsita 🙂
(Regarding yesterday’s post: Natalie and I LOVED all the names that you suggested for the little dolly. THANK YOU so much for them! Each one was very special. Natalie put all the names together into an imaginary container, then she mixed them up and what it came out as a final name for the dolly was: ANISTIA!!!!!!!I don’t know what Anistia means, it sounds like Anesthesia to me, but Natalie had a strong feeling that the little dolly must be named Anistia so I said: deal!)

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