“Bill Traylor was born into slavery in 1854 and spent most of his life sharecropping on that same Alabama plantation. Like most blacks of his generation,—the first generation of African American citizens,—Traylor was supposed to farm the land without owning it, know his place, and disappear without leaving footprints.

“Traylor, however, left a lot more than footprints. At the height of the Great Depression, now in his 80s and too old to farm, he moved to Montgomery to look for work…and there—homeless, jobless and alone—Bill Traylor started to draw.” -Text from www.BillTraylorcChasingGhosts.com

I encourage you to watch the video on the bottom of this post. I think that you are going to love it as much as I did. Bill Traylor is an important artist and such a huge inspiration.

Photos © Estate of Bill Traylor 

2002-53-32 1997092-extralarge Bill Traylor IV Bill-Traylor_untitled-Milking_c.1939-42_poster-paint-graphite-on-cardboard_Self-Taught-African-American-artist_Ricco--Maresca-Gallery-New-York-City_new blogone


MoE_(L)_-_Bill_Traylor Traylor_12 Traylor_20 Traylor_21

Bill Traylor from Carmen Morrow on Vimeo.

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