Dear friend,

Long time no see! I hope that you’re doing well. Over here on my side things are great, a lot going on, and it’s all positive. It’s hard to believe that I have been absent from this blog for over a year. I’ve missed you but you have been in my thoughts. I have written so many posts for you in my mind, but there was so much to share that I never got to turn those mental posts into real ones. When Bill, the kids, and I moved from California to New York in 2014, I didn’t know that life was going to change so much. This has been such a positive move for all of us. We’re loving it up here. Natalie and Diego are doing really well in school and they have grown so much, in all areas. Natalie is now 14 and Diego 12.  Bill has an office in Kingston from where he keeps working on his projects and he continues to travel as usual. I am working full-time for ArtYard, and I continue to create my own art. I have a solo show coming up in 2018.  ArtYard is truly a special thing, a labor of love, a multimedia contemporary art center founded by my friend and partner in crime Jill Kearney. Our partnership has been one of the most enriching experiences to both us. Together we’re learning so much. I recently curated my first exhibition for ArtYard and I’m so proud of it. The artists are phenomenal and the response from the community and visitors has been encouraging.

But what finally made me come over here and write this post was the illustration above. It is something a drew for a dear friend who suffers from anxiety. It seems like anxiety has become a big issue for many in this society. It affects people of all ages, sexual orientation, race… More and more often I hear about someone who has a child, a relative, a friend, suffering from anxiety. I have read several essays and articles about the subject as it seems like a great part of the problem is social expectations and self-imposed pressures. Inspired by my readings and in an attempt to make sense of anxiety, I drew this illustration. The snake represents the fears that trigger anxiety. The human figure sits on it while trying to stay balanced. The title of the piece is About Equilibrium and How to Achieve it Even When the Circumstances are Not Cooperating. The message is: Sit on your fear, get familiar with it, domesticate it.

The image above is high resolution. Please feel free to use it in any way you can think of, I want to give it away for free. You can just drag it to your desktop. If you would like to print it and frame it as a gift or for yourself, Framebridge is a great option. They will print it and frame it for a reasonable price. This is not an advertisement, just a personal recommendation.

Ok! I feel great about touching base with you and I look forward to jumping in here a bit more often than once a year.

Sending love and hugs and best wishes!



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