Dear friend, today I am back with a new drawing for exercising our imagination 🙂 I invite you to join me in a little debate about the possible meanings behind this image.

Aquatic Girl (small)

The title of the drawing is: Aquatic Girl.

Aquatic Girl (detail)
What is the girl doing inside a fish? What does the fish represent? And the leaf?
Aquatic Girl (detail 1)jpg
When I started this drawing I had a clear idea about what I wanted it to be, I clearly saw a girl inside a fish but I didn’t think about the possible meanings of the piece until after it was finished.
I am extremely curious to read your ideas since I am sure that they will be a lot more interesting than mine. Sooo looking forward to reading them!
Elsita 🙂
(I will write a comment about this drawing later 🙂

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