Skutt kiln

My beautiful kiln is finally home! It’s like someone important just arrived. I decided to name him Rojo (red in Spanish) because of the color of his digital control panel. The photo above shows you how I see him with my eyes. And picture below shows you how I see him with my heart .

Kiln drawing small

This is the first time that I own a ceramic kiln. Rojo and I still need to get to know each other. But I already know that we’re going to get along very well. What an amazing thing this is to me! Rojo is a high temperature buddy, so I will be able to fire porcelain in it, which is one of my favorite materials. Tomorrow the electrician will be installing a special outlet for my friend and then I will be ready for a test. Once the kids go back to school I will start creating some pieces.

Happy New Year!!


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