The Last Supper is an ongoing project by Julie Green. The series illustrates the meal requests of U.S. death row inmates. It all started in the late 1990s, when a newspaper story caught the artist’s attention. The article was about a death row inmate and it  included details about his final meal. You can visit Julie Green’s Website to learn more details about her project.

Photography © Julie Green ↓


↑ Alabama 20 October 2011

From food available in the prison cafeteria, chose a turkey bologna sandwich with tomatoes and cheese, french fries, and an orange drink. Later, from a vending machine, Johnson got a Reese’s Cup, pretzels, and grape Sunkist drink.


↑Texas 21 September 2011

Two chicken-fried steaks, one pound of barbecued meat, a triple-patty bacon cheeseburger, a meat-lover’s pizza, three fajitas, an omelet, a bowl of okra, one pint of Blue Bell Ice Cream, some peanut-butter fudge with crushed peanuts and three root beers (after inmate didn’t eat any of this meal, Texas ends final meal request option).



↑ Ohio 15 November 2011

Lasagna, chili-cheese fries, garlic bread, moose-tracks ice cream, chocolate cake, caramel candy, beef jerky, cashews, almonds and root beer.


↑ Oklahoma 05 January 2012

Fried fish fillets with red cocktail sauce from Long John Silver’s, but abstained from any side dishes. (Oklahoma allows take-out food priced under $15.)


↑ Virginia 14 April 1998

Declined the traditional offer of a special last meal. Served what the other inmates were fed: bread, beef patties, au gratin potatoes, gravy, string beans, chilled fruit and beverage.


Via → American Craft Magazine

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