Naidee-Changmoh is Thai ceramicist famous for his monk sculptures. I love his work!  It is so simple and appealing. Some of the pieces are quiet large.

Naidee’s portrait © Greg Piper↓


 Photos © Naidee-Changmoh ↓


man 1

2 ceramics




If you ever visit Thailand, don’t miss  Vic Hua Hin (photos below) a center for the arts and culture founded by Patravadi Mejudhon. Some of the center’s main attractions are 8 huts decorated with Naidee-Changmoh’s sculptures. He spent over three years hand-building them with white cement. How much I would like to visit that place!

Naidee3 - 2

Naidee 2

Naidee3 - 12

Naidee 2a-1

Naidee 7


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