Eva Zethraeus is a ceramic artist based in Gothenburg, Sweden. At the age of 11, she moved to Madrid, Spain, where she first discovered her passion for art within the walls of the Prado, just feet away from her primary school. Zethraeus spent several formative artists’ residencies in Japan during which she executed her landscape porcelain series.  Frequenting Zen Buddhist gardens in Kyoto, Zethraeus found inspiration in their naturalistic, sensual design. She describes the deliberateness with which large and small, dense and sparse, light and dark were juxtaposed in these environments as a “vivid interplay” effused with energy.  These elements of design translated into her landscape sculpture, a series of frenetic, undulating, biomorphic forms that seem to vibrate with the same organic energy and sensuality as the gardens they are inspired by.

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