I love these pieces so much! They are screaming: Touch me! I met a blind pianist in Italy who had a wonderful collection of ceramics. He taught me how to see with my hands. I still remember him touching his ceramics and saying: aren’t they beautiful? I know that he would be delighted to feel Chris Garofalo‘s work πŸ™‚

Chris GarofaloΒ grew up and Springfield, Illinois, and has been living in Chicago since 1980. I read that Chris loves gardening, which I already suspected just by looking at her work. I think that everybody should love gardening. It is a great source of inspiration. But guess what? Before being introduced to ceramic, Chris spent 4 years doing printmaking and 10 years doing graphic design. Isn’t that remarkable? I admire her spirit of exploration.

Photos © Chris Garofalo ↓

chris forms

Chris Garofalo

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