Last week I went to visit my friend’s gallery and I was delighted to see that he was showing Rose Cabat‘s work. Cabat is an American ceramicist, classified as part of the Mid-Century modern movement. Rose lives in Arizona and she is best known for her innovative glazes upon small porcelain pots called ‘feelies’ often in the shape of onions, figs, and bowls. At age 99, (she turns 100 next month!)  Rose is the oldest known actively practicing pottery artist in America. Don’t miss the opportunity to see Cabat’s work in person if you live in Los Angeles, CA. The show will be open until July 5th  at Couturier Gallery .

First 3 images © Tucson Museum of Art ↓   The rest of the pictures, I took at Couturier Gallery ↓




I took the pictures below at Darrel Couturier Gallery, so you can have an idea of what is on  display over there.

Rose Cabat pieces

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