I love Peter Pincus‘ ceramics so much. The are simple but sophisticated at the same time. In the artist’s own words:

“I produce three-dimensional paintings out of pots. The studio challenge is to determine a way to create containers that belong not only on the dinner table, but also elsewhere in the home. Many of my pots are status symbols saved for special occasions, generally deemed distinct because of the value of what they hold rather than for what they are. But to me, in between such occasions, they become canvases that visually illustrate the defining spirit of the times, despite their being utilitarian and made of clay, not canvas. They still need to do their job; to be genuine, they must be functional as well as opulent. But they can be so much more.”

I invite you to visit Peter’s website to see more of his beautiful work. And here is his store.

Images © Peter Pincus ↓






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