In Guillaume Talbi‘s words: “My artistic approach is rooted in the notion of a place. My works take shape in the material. I animate them by the gestures of my hand. I keep in touch with materials such as fresh earth, plaster or cement. I multiply the experiments of the subjects to make me surprise by their poetic values. I work empirically with my manufacturing processes and my logic of construction in which the role of time remains visible. I build with pieces of land bunk. The cool earth memorizes the pressure of the fingers on the surface. The dry earth and after cooking changes color and sound. Enamels crystallize time. Ceramic absorbs and reflects light. My drawings with anthropomorphic, animal and plant forms constitute a world in hybridization. The pieces emerge naturally. All my works are built according to the same processes that evolve with the experience of the place. Time plays an important role. My work is an experience of meditated time that the hand has concretized. The hand grasps the material, the time is measured with a gesture to snuggle in the hand.”

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